I believe that learning and growth should be fun.  One of the best ways for this to happen is through exciting and meaningful stories that guide a child into projecting him/herself into the lives of believable characters who overcome obstacles.

Children need to grasp ahold of who they are and where they came from. Heritage is so very important. Ancestors made great sacrifices for their families and their childrens' families while experiencing the same emotions we experience today. Bedrule Books is all about helping children develop a sense of belonging to a bigger picture, while strenghting their understanding of self-worth.

My Papa and Billy series are stories about ancestors who accomplished great deads, while battleing personal obsticles. Set in historically correct Scotland, a modern-day grandfather lovingly tells his grandson stories about the past and helps young Billy work through his everyday problems and fears, while learning of the ancestors who worked and toiled to make a better life for their families and their children's families.

My book, A Sergeant in the House, tells a story of a little boy who wants a puppy. But it also tells the story of a military family and the responsibilities each member must bear. Little Lenny learns that he has a role to play and that he must take on responsibilities to help his mom when dad is deployed. It's so much more than a story about a puppy. It's also a story about pulling together as a family. It's a story about how when one member of the family serves, all members serve.

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