• A Sergeant in the House
  • The Man Who Saved The King
  • Abigail And The Royal Thread
  • Isobel's New World
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Welcome to Bedrule Books and books by Betty Turnbull

I believe that books are an important part of every child's development. Books have the wonderful ability to make you giggle, smile, frown, and, yes, sometimes cry as they entertain and teach.

Stories just for fun can turn a frown into a smile or a bad day into good. Stories with a purpose have a way of bringing understanding.

Additionally, my stories help children develop deep roots and understand that they belong by exposing them to history, family heritage and the values that shaped a nation and people.

The grown-up adult world can be confusing and distant to a young child. Be it as simple as bedtime rules to as complicated as getting along with others, a story can make it all make sense.

I hope you enjoy your visit.